Pushkov Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation
Russian Academy of Sciences
( founded in 1939 )
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Observation data, models and forecasts

Ionosonde "PARUS" (MOSCOW)

Moscow Digisonde DPS-4 #045

Space Weather Forecasting Center

Ionospheric Weather
Ionosphere Model  SMF2
Main Ionospheric Trough Model  SM-MIT

Moscow Ionosphere Monitoring Center

Solar Activity and Geoeffective Phenomena Review

Neutron Monitor (Cosmic Rays)

Database of current sheets in the solar wind

Geophysical Data  (IZMIRAN)

Magnetic Observatory data (MOSCOW)

Sector Structure of the Interplanetary Magnetic Magnetic Field (SSIMF)

Solar Radio Emission

RUSSIA's Geomagnetic Observatories Database1983-2009

Magnetic Storm Catalogue