Pushkov Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation
Russian Academy of Sciences
( founded in 1939 )
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Language support

Some pages at this site may be available in Russian language only (KOI8-R or CP-1251 encoding, sometimes marked with sign), some only in English and some in both languages.

Whenever both languages are present, the server automatically serves you the requested page according to your browser language preferences.

This technology is called "Content negotiation" and is a recommended way to serve preferred content to clients (like serving the preferred language representation).


To instruct your browser to always feed you pages in English language when both, Russian and English versions are present, do this:

Netscape/Mozilla/Seamonkey Navigator:


1  English[en]
2  Russian[ru]

MS Internet  Explorer:

Services/Internet Options/Languages:


A special link, [RU/EN] in the upper part (header) of the site is provided which allows to toggle language representation of the current page.