Prognoz satellites magnetometer observation database

            This page presents data of the magnetic field measurements in the outer magnetosphere and in the solar wind made by Prognoz and Interball-Tail satellites.

        Magnetic field measurements on the  Prognoz  satellites were carried out by  IZMIRAN's Space Magnetic Research Laboratory (SMRL) in 1977-1984. Satellites had  the orbits  with  apogees ranging from  200000  to  800000  km.  (3 - 125  Re).  Prognoz-6 provides important solar wind observations during ISEE-1/2 first orbits  on  the  day side magnetopause, at a  time  when  ISEE-3  had  not  yet  been  launched. Prognoz-7 and -9 provide observations at a later stage of the ISEE mission. It is important  also  to  note  that Prognoz-7 was launched  into  a  high  latitude  orbit,  and  provides extensive observations of the rarely explored cusp and mantle.
         The following time intervals are covered  by Prognoz :
               Prognoz-6, 26/09/1977-22/01/1978
               Prognoz-7, 11/11/1978-31/05/1979
               Prognoz-9, 03/07/1983-07/02/1984

        Magnetic field measurements on the  Interball- Tail  satellites are carried out by IZMIRAN and Space Research Institute RAS  (SRI)    since 1995.  Satellite has  the orbits  with  apogee 200000 (30 Re)  and perigee 500 km. and provides measurements in the solar wind and in the different regions of the magnetosphere at the same time with Geotail, Polar and Interbal-A working in the magnetosphere and  Wind, ACE in the solar wind.
         Interball-T was launched 03/08/1995 and was in orbit till 16/10/ 2000.

    Vega-1 and Vega-2  spacecrafts have been launched  15 and 21 December 1984 and  conducted Interplanetary Magnetic Field measurements till May 1986.

       Interball Magnetic experiment and data processing were done by IZMIRAN and SRI in cooperation.

For questions or comments about  magnetic data please contact:
Dr. Valery G. Petrov, (095) 334-09-21
Troitsk, Moscow region,
142190, Russia